In today’s economy, getting the most value possible is a necessity, but affordable pricing is also important in order to minimize operational costs. WAKEUP CALL accommodates both of these concerns for your hotel, through:


What other single solution provides you with:

  • Contract Management program
  • Certificate of Insurance tracking tools
  • Highest possible Savings On Investment™ of any proactive system on the market
  • Pertinent, up-to-date federal, state and local HR information
  • An Employment Law attorney to answer your specific questions
  • Claims Management program with OSHA 300 tools
  • A constantly updated library containing current documents for your OSHA, Safety and other compliance concerns
  • Private message boards/forums with participating hospitality risk managers and attorneys
  • A complete and up-to-date SDS Library
  • The latest breaking industry news
  • An Intranet option to serve multiple locations
  • An in-site concierge service to help you find what you are looking for
  • Most importantly, protection from potentially financially devastating risks!

If you hired a professional team or found these resources priced separately, they could easily cost $15,000-180,000 annually. WAKEUP CALL offers you all these risk management services, in one easy-to-use online solution. To best accommodate and serve you, we offer different plans at low monthly subscription costs, based on your property’s unique needs. If your needs include multiple locations, we have options available to cover all properties with these valuable risk management services.

Our affordable pricing plans are based on the number of properties and features desired. Discount programs are available for hotel groups and franchise locations. Please contact us today for more information and specific pricing for your organization.