As the only online risk management platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry, WAKEUP CALL provides a comprehensive array of specialized services to help you manage and minimize all potential risks to your organization – whether you have a single property or an entire portfolio. A few of the services available to you with one low monthly subscription include:

Comprehensive Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a one-page summary of the tracking systems that you are using on the platform (Contracts, Certificates of Insurance, Business Entities and Claims).

Contract Management

Our contract management software stops the auto renewing cycle of your forgotten contracts. Store and track all your contracts and get auto reminders before renewal. Run reports on your hotel or your whole portfolio from one easy to use interface.

Human Resources Services

We partner with top HR specialists to provide you with all-inclusive, up-to-date, federal, state and local HR information.

Employment Law Hotline

Access to hospitality employment law attorneys, with offices from coast to coast, who can address your specific questions and concerns on a case by case basis.

Certificate of Insurance Monitoring

Our certificate tracking software simplifies your risk transfer program so that it’s easily managed with automatic updates. Track and store certificates provided by all of your vendors and consultants, so you are protected and prepared when you need them. (This is now becoming a requirement with some insurance carriers.)

Searchable SDS Library

An extensive, up-to-date library gives you access to over 2.7 million products and chemicals, and provides the tools you need to remain in compliance with OSHA’s SDS requirements.

Extensive Library of Industry-Specific, Downloadable Documents and Forms

Includes required OSHA documents, reusable and savable incident reports, HR forms, EE handouts, sample waivers and more.

Claims Reporting/Management

Submit claims directly to your carriers, while WAKEUP CALL provides a log for your records. Run reports on your claims history and fill out your OSHA 300a with a click of a button. This helps you to manage losses, monitor trends and keeps claims from getting out of hand, which keeps your insurance premiums under control.

Business Entity Tracking

Record and track all the important dates associated with each of your business entities (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships, Etc.) Items such as licenses, permits, inspections, renewals, certifications, refi deadlines, and anything else associated with making your business move forward, can be tracked.


WAKEUP CALL webinars feature industry experts that provide valuable insight for you and your team on the hottest topics and areas of concern within the hospitality industry.

Intranet Option Included for Owners of Multiple Locations

Easily maintain consistency for all your properties with our private group postings and document storage. The WAKEUP CALL portal allows quick and easy communication between you and your employees, at all your hotels.

Live Message Boards/Forums

Discuss general and specific topics with all WAKEUP CALL members. Hospitality industry attorneys and risk managers also participate to help provide quick and informative answers to your questions.

Up-to-Date News

The hospitality industry is continually changing. To help you stay up-to-date on the most important issues in the industry, WAKEUP CALL brings current industry news directly to you on a daily basis from multiple sources.


We are continuously adding and updating our services to better serve our clients. Don’t see what you need here? Just ask!