WAKEUP CALL’s unique Cloud-based platform was developed specifically for the hotel industry, providing easy remote access to a full range of risk management services from any Internet-enabled device. This easy and affordable solution serves as a single source platform for streamlining a range of operational and risk management processes. We provide:

Savings On Investment™

When it comes to SOI™, no other proactive system available gives hoteliers the potential Savings On Investment™ as the WAKEUP CALL software. The small investment in your risk management system with the WAKEUP CALL software can save you hundreds of thousands in lawsuits, fines, claims and premiums.  For example, using the WAKEUP CALL software to maintain current Vendor Certificates of Insurance, can help you avoid financial liability, should there be an incident with a vendor, and save you money in the long run.  When you access the WAKEUP CALL software, you will be provided with SOI™.  Click here to access the WAKEUP CALL software, so you can start receiving the benefits of Savings On Investment™.

Incredible Value

WAKEUP CALL is full of valuable tools and resources — all available to you at a fraction of what it would cost if you paid for these services individually elsewhere. (See pricing information for more details.)

Real Time Corporate Control

WAKEUP CALL gives your corporate office real time control and overview of all your properties.  Contract Management, Claims Management, Certificate Tracking and more, at your fingertips for each location.

No More Reliance on a Carrier, Broker or other service provider

You no longer need to be bound to a broker, carrier or other service with concerns of losing your data if you change service providers. Take back control of your information and risk management needs! With WAKEUP CALL as your personal resource, you can easily manage and locate all the tools you need and have access to the right resources, as well as your own archived data and detailed case information, 24/7!

Staff Changes

Unfortunately, GM and other key staff turnover are more common that we would like. With WAKEUP CALL, getting new members updated and running is as simple as logging in. Nothing gets lost, forgotten or falls through the cracks when WAKEUP CALL is helping manage your staff transitions.

One Stop, Easy to Use Resource

No more scrambling around, looking for information in multiple filing cabinets or logging into a different website for every tool you need. Tired of needing information you left it at the office? WAKEUP CALL is a one stop, online resource for risk management and administrative needs. Our interface was designed to be one of the easiest to learn and use tools available to hoteliers…..ever.

Peace of Mind

Sleep better knowing your entire team has a resource that provides them with the tools they need to prepare and handle the many crisis that can arise from day to day. WAKEUP CALL gives you the peace of mind that your hotel, employees, guests and money are all safe.


If you’re a management or ownership group, showing partners and owners the value you bring is always important. WAKEUP CALL can co-brand the interface with your logo, so everyone can see the systems and value that sets your team apart from the others.

Intuitive Navigation & Interface

WAKEUP CALL is NOT a program that you will spend 30 minutes relearning or trying to figure out every time you log in. Using WAKEUP CALL requires minimal computer skills to access all of our valuable tools and resources. Intuitive, user-friendly features are provided throughout the entire WAKEUP CALL site.

Access to National Vendors and Service Providers

WAKEUP CALL has arranged for free or discounted rates exclusively for WAKEUP CALL members on commonly used products and services. A few of the services include background searches, drug testing, MVR’s, site inspections and direct access to attorneys at our members-only discounted rates.

We want to hear from you!

WAKEUP CALL is a dynamic site, changing as the hospitality industry changes. In addition to our own development team, WAKEUP CALL is constantly seeking input from our members in order to stay current on the industry’s most critical issues. Check out our blog and let us know if there’s an issue that is affecting you that we can help address.