Our clients say it best! Please take a look and see how WAKEUP CALL has provided significant savings in time and money for prestigious properties from some of the world’s leading brands.


“WAKEUP CALL offers us the ability to provide consistent information to all of our hotels, and gives us a great overview of their activity.  The benefits are numerous, and the cost is reasonable compared to the potential exposure we could face without a tool like WAKEUP CALL.”


“WAKEUP CALL’s defining asset is its ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for all functions that are necessary for ensuring a safely operated, legally certified and liability secured hospitality business.  As a method of sharing important legal documents, WAKEUP CALL can essentially act as an intranet service that is invaluable to ensuring all properties have up-to-date knowledge and practices in place.”


“Implementation of WAKEUP CALL’s platform has proven to be a tremendous asset in coordinating day-to-day procedures, such as interactions with guests and other members of staff.  With instant access to constantly updated and easy-to-understand information kits on protocols such as OSHA compliance, we can rest assured that all representatives act accordingly in line with both legal and property rules at all times. Doing so not only impacts our ability to maintain a successful business, but also ensures transparency and fairness to employees and guests alike.”