David DeMoss


David DeMoss has served in all aspects of hospitality risk management from coast to coast. Prior to founding WAKEUP CALL, he spent over ten years as vice president of Petra Risk Solutions, where he helped clients develop strategies to manage the diverse risks they face on a daily basis within their respective hotels and resorts. As an insurance broker dedicated to hotels, he gained expertise in a wide range of risk management processes specific to the hospitality industry. With this insight, he identified a need for a simple, affordable and streamlined risk management solution for all hotels. With nearly 15 years of in-depth service to hospitality, David is knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of hotel and resort risk exposure and management. His specialized expertise led to the development of the WAKEUP CALL platform, which was introduced in 2011. Until then, the hospitality industry had been under-serviced by a couple of general resources, providing minimal support. With the advent of WAKEUP CALL, David has single-handedly revolutionized the industry with a powerful, single-source online solution that provides complete, real-time information and tools to manage emerging issues.