WAKEUP CALL is the first and only online risk management software specifically designed for the hospitality industry. The solution provides hoteliers across the country with the only single-source, SaaS-based platform that offers complete, real-time information and tools to manage potential employee/employer and property liability concerns. With unique features such as access to live hospitality risk management experts, employment law professionals, contract management, a comprehensive, up-to-date database of safety data sheets (SDS), certificate of insurance tracking, legal forms and documents, WAKEUP CALL proactively helps hoteliers streamline their risk management process and avoid costly legal issues. This unique approach to risk management helps protect hotels from potential liability and lawsuits, while consolidating and tracking related documents and data in the Cloud, so that it is easily accessible to all stakeholders in the organization — even across multiple-property portfolios. WAKEUP CALL also provides hoteliers with the added benefits of higher guest satisfaction scores, better prepared management, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property, staff, guests and revenue are all well protected.

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