Feeling Like a Target for Regulations, Penalties & Lawsuits?

...the WAKEUP CALL HR services are extremely helpful. They respond very quickly and actually being able to talk to someone on the phone is refreshing.

The Employment Law Hotline has saved us attorney costs and provided us with professional, timely advice. We find this resource on WAKEUP CALL to be invaluable.

The OSHA Kit available on WAKEUP CALL made it easy to address the black hole that is OSHA compliance. Everything we needed to be in compliance, in one place. It was great.

Having an easy to use resource, like WAKEUP CALL, available to my staff 24 hrs a day, has made it easier to implement a safety program, which we couldn't manage before.

Some of What's Inside Includes:

  • Live HR Services
  • Online Training- 24/7
  • Employment Law Hotline
  • OSHA Kit
  • Claims Management
  • Certificate Tracking

Overview Of Services

Human Resources Services Unlimited access to speak with live HR specialists providing state-specific information and forms.

Employment Law Hotline Access to a national law firm, with offices coast to coast, to address your Employment Law questions and concerns.

24/7 Online Training Designed for you and your team's convenience, users can login and take the training courses you select for them, at their own pace. You are provided with reports on the progress and completion of everyone's training, including Certificates of Completion. California required AB1825 Sexual Harassment is included.

Extensive Library of Industry-Specific, Downloadable Documents and Forms; Includes All Required OSHA Documents; Includes required OSHA documents, reusable and savable incident reports, HR forms, EE handouts, sample waivers and more.

Claims Management Submit claims directly to your carriers, while WAKEUP CALL provides a log for your records. This helps you to manage losses, monitor trends, keep claims from getting out of hand, and update your entire team.

Certificate of Insurance Monitoring Keep your risk transfer program up-to-date and easy to manage. Track certificates provided by all of your vendors and consultants. (This is becoming a requirement with some insurance carriers.)

Webinars On a regular basis, WAKEUP CALL has timely webinars to provide valuable insight for your team on the hottest topics and areas of concern in the hospitality industry.

Intranet Option Included for Owners of Multiple Locations Private corporate postings and data storage for Quick & Easy communications between you and all your properties.

Live Message Boards/Forums Discuss general and specific topics with all WAKEUP CALL members. Attorneys and Risk Managers also participate to help provide answers to your questions.

Up-to-Date News The hospitality industry is continually changing. So that you can stay up-to-date on the most important issues in the industry, WAKEUP CALL brings current industry news to you daily from multiple sources.

Searchable SDS Library Gives you access to over 2.7 million products and chemicals, and provides the tools you need to remain in compliance with SDS OSHA's SDS requirements.

FAQ Section, a continuously populated, up-to-date feature, provides you access to the answers to the most commonly asked risk management questions.

And more to come . . .

Additional Benefits

Incredible Value WAKEUP CALL is full of valuable tools and resources — all available to you at a fraction of what it would cost if you paid for these services individually elsewhere. (See pricing information for more details.)

Intuitive Navigation & Interface Using WAKEUP CALL requires minimal computer skills to access all of the tools and resources. Intuitive ease of use is a priority throughout the entire WAKEUP CALL site.

No More Reliance on a Carrier or Broker You no longer need to be bound to a broker or carrier to provide you with risk management resources. This often requires you to contact their risk management phone representative, who then accesses their limited, generic resources. With WAKEUP CALL as your resource, you are able to manage and locate all tools and resources, 24/7.

Access to National Vendors and Service Providers WAKEUP CALL has arranged for free or discounted rates exclusively for WAKEUP CALL members on commonly used products and services. A few of the services include background searches, drug testing, MVR's, site inspections and direct access to attorneys at our members-only discounted rates.

We want to hear from you! WAKEUP CALL is a dynamic site, changing as the hospitality industry changes. In addition to its own development team, WAKEUP CALL is constantly seeking input from members to keep current on your most critical issues.

Membership Pricing

Value or Low Price?

In today's economy, we all want value, but we need a low price. WAKEUP CALL accommodates both of your concerns:


What other single site provides you:

  • An HR specialist to speak with
  • An Employment Law Attorney to answer your questions
  • A constantly updated library containing current documents for your OSHA, Safety and HR needs
  • 35 online training courses, including sexual harassment
  • Message Boards/Forums with many participating hospitality risk managers and attorneys
  • A complete and up-to-date SDS library
  • The latest breaking industry news
  • An Intranet option to serve multiple locations
  • An in-site concierge service to help you find what you are looking for


If you hired a professional team or found these resources priced separately, they could easily cost $15,000-180,000 annually. WAKEUP CALL offers you all these risk management services, in one easy-to-use online solution. To best accommodate and serve you, we offer different plans at low monthly subscription costs, based on your property’s unique needs. If your needs include multiple locations, we have options available to cover all properties with these valuable risk management services.

Our affordable pricing plans are based on the number of properties and features desired. Discount programs are available for hotel groups and franchise locations. Please contact us today for more information and specific pricing for your organization.

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